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Phone- 0490-105-490


Address- P.O Box 474 Morphett Vale SA 5162

Business hours

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Saturdays 9am to 5pm

Sundays closed

Emergency call outs for electrical work available after hours rates

Angelene Sparks Electrical strives to meet all customer needs. This includes proving flexible working hours at normal rates if the work is per-scheduled. Please contact us for more information.

Normal working area

Outside of working area- Work outside of normal area will incur travel time, please contact us for more information

Terms and conditions

Electrical licence- PGE 255614

Public liability- $20,000,000

ABN- 205-629-664-55



  1. These terms and conditions will change from time to time, it is the responsibility of the customer to request for the latest version prior to works commencing.


  1. Acceptable of our offer, or quote, or a request to Angelene Sparks Electrical to perform work or provide goods or services, or other is deemed to be acceptance of these conditions.
  2. Payment for goods and/or service provided shall be for net cash.
  3. Terms of accounts are payable within fourteen (14) days from the date of the invoice for commercial accounts, and on completion of works for domestic accounts, or as otherwise agreed to in writing by Angelene Sparks Electrical.
  4. If payment is not made within the agreed time frame an Administration Fee of $27.50 including GST may apply.
  5. If payment is not made within twenty eight day then an additional Administration Fee of $27.50 for every fourteen (14) day period overdue may be payable.
  6. In additional an interest rate of 15.6% p.a. May apply to accounts which become overdue by sixty (60) days.
  7. The details of an account which become overdue by sixty (60) days or more may be advertised to the general population through local and / or state and / or national news print media. The cost of such advertising will be charged to that account.
  8. Legal proceedings may be brought against any overdue accounts.
  9. The customer agrees in advance to provide access to Angelene Sparks Electrical or their representatives the site for the purpose of repossessing of materials or equipment.
  10. The customer agrees in advance to provide access to Angelene Sparks Electrical or their representatives the site for purposed of repossessing of materials or equipment.
  11. The customer agrees that he/she/they are solely and collectively liable for any and all legal costs incurred by Angelene Sparks Electrical or any other as a result of non-payment.
  12. The customer representatives with which Angelene Sparks Electrical liasise in reference to the customers account/s agrees to take personal liability for the accounts/s agrees to take personal liability for the account/s of the customer if payment is not received within 90 days from the date of the invoice.
  13. All payments will automatically be credited to the oldest outstanding account for that customer.


  1. Legal and equitable property in these goods shall not to pass to the buyer until payment of all monies due under this agreement (including but not limited to clearance of cheques or credit card payments) have been received in full by Angelene Sparks Electrical.
  2. Ownership of materials not used remains with Angelene Sparks Electrical, unless otherwise stated.
  3. The customer agrees to give salvage rights for material directly relating to electrical works to Angelene Sparks Electrical.
  4. Acceptance of these goods is an acceptance of these conditions.
  5. In the event of non payment within fourteen (14) days the client hereby authorizes Angelene Sparks Electrical or their representative to enter the premises upon which the goods are installed or stored for the purpose of taking possession thereof, at the discretion of Angelene Sparks Electrical.
  6. Reposed materials shall be credited to the customers account at the appropriate second hand rate less labour charges, for those materials. The balance of the accounts shall then be payable immediately by the customer, or his/her representative.


  1. Acceptance of an offer of sale from Angelene Sparks Electrical shall constitute a contact in accordance with these terms and conditions.


  1. Price of works are, unless specifically agreed to the contrary quoted for one visit to site only.
  2. Unless otherwise stated all prices are inclusive of GST.
  3. When work has been quoted in advance any attempt to renegotiate the pricing of the works has been completed will result in a 20% price increase.


  1. For works over a period of more than one visit the client agrees to provide adequate safe storage facilities and protection against theft or damage for all goods left on site.


  1. We warrant our own workmanship and new materials we provide (unless otherwise stated in advance) from defect, for the duration of the manufacture warranty.
  2. For a claim to be accepted as valid, we must receive all warrant claims from the customer in sufficient time for us to act in receiving the manufacture’s replacement parts before the expiry of their warranty.
  3. We do not warrant any parts, labour or materials provided by the customer, or their representative/s, nor do we warrant any parts/materials/labour provided by any other parties including but not limited to the customers associates, other contractors, or sub contractors.
  4. All claims shall be limited to a maximum of twenty million dollars public liability.
  5. No warranty shall be claimed on any account / invoice not paid on or before the due date.
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